Cut down on your guest list : It's natural to have the joyous feeling of expecting everyone you know to be on your guest list, but ...


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Cut down on your guest list: It's natural to have the joyous feeling of expecting everyone you know to be on your guest list, but it's not always the best idea. Think carefully about it, because each addition you make, gives you additional cost while to a proper degree makes your wedding less intimate. To keep things balanced and well organised, try inviting fewer people and make it more intimate. We recommend that you focus more on people you know more, than on people you know little about. Keep a balanced selection between people you know more deeply like family, co-workers, school mates, etc.,and people you know less about like friends of your friends,casual people you meet as a result of your work or school or work-out-time, etc. Check your selection and see if it makes you and your spouse feel happy and less pressure to spend much.
Colorful Outdoor wedding ceremony.
Arrange for an Outdoor CeremonyMost times it can be a challenge and more expensive renting a building or hall for your wedding ceremony and reception. In a situation where it's a challenge, we recommend using a colorful public park like Central Park, Corona Park, Botanical Garden....., these locations presents to you beautiful views,and amazing opportunities for your photographer to capture awesome photographs and your guests will enjoy more the beautiful of nature in association with your wedding day style. Going for an Outdoor setting will help in curtailing cost by eliminating the cost of renting a hall venue and more associated with it. In any case we also encourage having a backup plan if there are signs of bad weather, at this point it's cool to be creative by renting a sturdy tent and make it a fun moment,uniquely stylish for yourself and your guests.
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Feel free to ask friends and family for assistance in attending to different things needed for your big dayAsking family and friends to offer assistance that align with their experience and skills will definitely go a long way in making every preparation move smoothly and with less expenses.
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Cut down on hiring an expensive catererFor a fact we have the finest caterers among our family members and friends, we just need to offer them the opportunity to show case their talent and professional experiences. And it always turns out to be the best choice ever. Think about it, if one of your friends or family members has experience in cake making, and other friends and family members can offer to prepare delicious meal for the day, and collectively the planning process and preparations keeps moving forward to the joy of everyone. On your wedding day it will produce more happy atmosphere knowing that friends and family contributed to the success of everything, and they will be present also to feel the joy with you.
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Create your own invitationsMaking wedding invitation cards are not as difficult as it is depicted by most designers. With a printer and designer papers you can make an invitation of your own. Just with the help of very classic font and simple text, you can make the best invitation for your wedding. And thanks to social media, we can send classy bulk messages to invite friends and family and we don't have to spend on this mode of invitation because it's very cool and unique and gets to the intended destination safe and direct. You can also contact the services of Artlook studios and they will guide you more on preparing all you need to get your wedding invitation needs up and running fast.
A successful wedding ceremony
Good idea to stock the bar yourself: Drinks incurs alot of expenses when it comes to weddings, and it's possible to cut down on cost by refusing to go for an open bar., for instance, you can offer a specific brand of drinks you decided to use for the wedding event or a free cocktail hour followed by a cash bar. Sometimes when you use a hall, you can request to supply your own drinks, this will definitely help save cost. Sometimes too the venue you chose might have a less expensive offer for you, so find out about this too.
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Plan Plan Plan: Planning to have a wedding withing your budgeted cost, makes it important to plan ahead. Make a list of all that you can think of and examine all these items carefully and decide what are really more important and prioritize what should be done first among all. Planning ahead helps you stay away from last minute stress, and the more time you will have to find sales and discounts on venues and also able to explore more good ideas.

We hope you enjoyed our wedding preparation tips and now more equipped to make successfully prepare for your big day with confidence and style.
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