Photographing Maria and Scott's big day was a fun affair. The couple celebrated at Central Park in New York . They were just amazing...


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Photographing Maria and Scott's big day was a fun affair. The couple celebrated at Central Park in New York. They were just amazing together and they added so much style to making everything move smoothly.
Colorful New York Photography
They were so natural in their choice of locations for having their Photography Shoots, and i so much appreciated their creativity and style.
Central Park Wedding Ceremony Photography
Maria and Scott tastefully chose a very simple style wedding ceremony and venue. Creative in their own way and this showed how understanding and supportive they are in making decisions and arrangements. With few guests present to witness this wonderful event, they exchanged rings and made their vows in a loving and delightful way. Central Park is one of the best places for having weddings.Any Professional Photographer will capture very amazing images. 
Creative Wedding Photography
They enjoyed spending quality time with their family and friends and loved every bit of their time with everyone. More interestingly is the fact that everyone was in a celebratory mood and were all having fun. These are interesting moments that form part of a unique memory, memories that will stay in their heart forever.
Couple Feeling Happy As The Occasion Comes To A Grand Conclusion.
Everyone loves a good Summer Wedding, and am no exception. The sun came out and shone all day, which really lifted the light at the venue, and it helped make the photographs awesome and beautiful. It's a beautiful job for professional photographers to capture every moment in a couples big day. It was a long time and effort put in planning and arranging for their special day, but Maria and Scott pulled off an Amazing Wedding and am confident they will build an outstanding life together.

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