Costa Rica might seem like an isle of paradise for any visitor who steps on this land that was truly blessed by nature. Even if the country ...

Costa Rica Weddings

Costa Rica might seem like an isle of paradise for any visitor who steps on this land that was truly blessed by nature. Even if the country is nowadays a touristic place par excellence, people continue to live here according to their own old traditions and the weddings are generally not exception to this. For a truly perfect wedding all that you need in Costa Rica are the graceful sundresses, bare feet and lots of tropical flowers.
Costa Rica is a tropical paradise and the people call themselves "ticos". The majority of them are Roman Catholic and they are deeply connected to their families. This is the reason everybody is invited to a wedding, from both sides of the families. There is no such thing as a small Costa Rican wedding, for everybody comes to be happy together with the young couple. As you can easily imagine, the wedding savings are probably the last thing to be applied in the Costa Rican culture.
Perfect Locations for the Weddings in Costa Rica
For numerous couples, the ultimate location for their wedding is of course the beach. There are so many breathtaking beaches in Costa Rica that a couple can choose. Jaco Beach is a stunning wedding location on the Pacific side of Costa Rica. For the north side, couples choose Tamarindo beach, for its beauty and romantic atmosphere. The weddings take place mostly on sunset, because the general atmosphere is incredibly romantic and the photos are astounding.
Other couples choose to get married in the rainforest instead of having a traditional wedding. This is a truly unearthly experience, since the rainforest jungle will transform the wedding into an adventure that the couple will remember forever. Monteverde Cloud Forest or Tortuguero National Park are two of the most popular locations for the rainforest weddings. Such a non-traditional wedding is of course frequently followed by a nonconformist honeymoon in a nature lodge.

When going to Costa Rica, you immerse yourself in a wonderful landscape full of amazing waterfalls. They are truly incredible and easy accessible for vehicles. For that reason, they are wonderful locations for weddings. Many couples choose to get married at the edge of the Arenal Volcano, where they take benefit from the amazing view of the spewing lava in the evening that offers a special and unusual glow to the ceremony.
The Costa Rican Wedding Traditions
People belonging to different cultures consider weird one of the most important traditions of the Costa Rican weddings. This tradition says that the bride has to wear a black silk dress and a veil. This is a symbol of the Costa Rican weddings and it does certainly mean joy, as opposed to the significance black has in the European and American cultures. The vestment worn by the groom is white and in the traditional weddings it is embroidered by the hand of the bride. This is a sign of love and respect and the tradition of embroidering the wedding vestments passes down from mother to daughter in the conservative families.
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